Does my car's driver assist need to be serviced?

September 25, 2021

Does your Ford have CO-Pilot Asist? Does your Chevy have Safety Assist? How about your Subaru? Does it have EyeSight?

Many of today's car manufacturers have some type of system that helps you drive your car more safely. Depending on the system your car might have cameras or other sensors placed at strategic spots on your vehicle. This allows the system to "see" the road ahead, behind and to the sides of your car.

Many of these advanced driver assistance systems, also known as ADAS, help your car's cruise control, braking system and some even go so far as to help you decide if it's safe to change lanes on the highway!

No matter how complex or simple the system is in your car, they all need occasional service checks to stay in tip-top shape. Just as your car's wheel alignment changes over time and your steering becomes less precise, the driver assistance sensors in your car need to checked and realigned.

Imagine if the front-facing sensor shifts position and is no longer looking straight ahead. If your car uses that sensor to adjust your cruise control it might not "see" the cars right in front of you and might run into them. When it comes to braking, if your car isn't seeing the car directly in front of it or a person walking across the street it won't apply the brakes!

All of us get used to the technology in our cars and sooner or later we rely on it to keep us safe and avoid accidents. The challenge is that unlike a tire alignment, you don't know if your car's sensors aren't aligned perfectly. This is where the expert technicians at J's Auto Service come into play.

J's has a dedicated area for the calibration of your vehicle's sensors. If you were involved in a traffic accident or even had a side-view mirror replaced you most likely will need to have your car's ADAS system tested, re-aligned and recalibrated. Your safety and the safety of other drivers depends on your car's sensors working properly.

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