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Are you an auto technician or do you know one?

J's Auto Service in Hatfield has Auto Technician positions available.

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As a customer you're part of the J's Auto Service family and that's how we take care of your car.
J's Auto Service is a AAA Approved Auto Repair FacilityJ's Auto Service is a AAA Top Shop Award WinnerJ's Auto Service has the ASE's Blue Seal of ExcellenceJ's Auto Service is a NAPA AutoCare CenterJ's Auto Service is a Gold Certified member of the NAPA AutoCare program
J's Auto Service is the Hatfield area's premier auto service center.

For 30 years we're the shop to call if you need minor auto services or major repairs. Our ASE certified technicians take pride in keeping your car running reliably and safely for you and your loved ones.

If your car needs routine services like an oil change, tire rotation, replacement tires or a car safety inspection or a major repair like the NorthStar engine overhaul, the ASE master technicians at J's are able to efficiently and affordably take care of your needs.

Auto News & Info
Does my car's driver assist need to be serviced?
September 25, 2021

Did you know that modern cars have cameras and other sensors that help you drive down the road safely? This feature is called an advanced driver assistance system or ADAS for short. Just like you need to have your tires aligned the sensors on your car need to be aimed and working perfectly for things like cruise control and automated braking. J's Auto Service has dedicated tools and systems to get your car's driver assistance system working like new.

Do I really need to rotate my tires?
January 31, 2021

Wheels and tires aren't perfect from the factory and need to be balanced and checked every now and then to make sure that they're operating safely. Regularly rotating your tires, according to the manufacturer's specifications, can also increase their useful life. An important consideration when tires cost as much as they do.

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